Indian Economy Key Concepts

Publisher: Kavin Mukhil Publications
Published by Kavin Mukhil Publications (an associate of Ganesh ias Academy). A Creator rarely feels satisfied with his/her own creation. He/she always find scope for further improvement of his/her creation. Such an urge leads to subsequent editions of books. This third edition is also result of such an urge. This edition comes with fewer corrections and additions. Most importantly this edition comes with new Introduction chapter. I thank readers for their support and appreciation for the first two editions and making it as a Best Seller.
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AuthorSankarganesh K
EditionFourth Edition
Height709 mm
Length1024 mm
Width47 mm
Weight79 g
Language TypePublished
Number Of Pages184
Product GroupBook
Publication Date2016
PublisherKavin Mukhil Publications
StudioKavin Mukhil Publications
Sales Rank255

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