IR Infrared Thermometer Gun for Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Research

Infrared IR Thermometer with Laser Pointer, D/S ratio 12:1
This is a brand new, high quality Digital IR Thermometer for non-contact temperature measurements. It can be used for accurate temperature measurements of warm objects from a safe distance. I have had many customers who ordered this IR Thermometer for Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Research, and got good feedback from them. They like the back-light LCD display, which allows them to read the thermometer in the dark without the use of a flash light. This IR thermometer has a red laser pointer, which allows accurate aiming. If you do not want the laser pointer, there is a switch in the handle to turn it off. A second switch allows you to change between °F/°C. The distance to spot size ratio is 12:1, that means the ST380 measures a 1 inch diameter spot from 12 inch distance (or 2 inch diameter from 24 inch distance). Overall, you can get readings from objects that are as far as 20-25 yards from you.
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