Havana WTB-005 Sustain Pedal

Sustain pedal suitable for most keyboards
The Cherub keyboard sustain pedal is a solid pedal that allows you to sustain notes on your keyboard or digital piano. With a chrome metal pedal, plastic shell and rubberized bottom, the Cherub sustain/damper pedal will be a strong, durable and useful addition to your keyboard setup. An added feature is the switchable polarity of the pedal. You can swap the function of it so that when you are not pressing the pedal down, the note is sustained and when you press it down it is no longer sustained.
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Height276 mm
Length984 mm
Width315 mm
Weight22 g
Legal DisclaimerOnly For Adults Not for Minor
Number Of Items5
Package Quantity1
Part NumberWTB-005
Product GroupMusical Instruments
Sales Rank81

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