Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS3)

Introduction of a new next-gen engine

The Call of Duty: Ghosts forms the tenth instalment of the popular video game collection and follows a new game plot. The game series has been branded as one of the fiercest games from the stables of Infinity Ward. Set in an era where the Unites States of America has been swallowed into a dark zone of annoyance and death, the Ghosts are ready to trouble the current generation systems as well as the next-gen gaming consoles.

The game belongs to the genre of shooting strategy games played out in the first-person mode, The Call of Duty: Ghosts is developed by Infinity Ward in cooperation from the Raven Software, Neversoft and Certain Affinity. Few left over soldiers is led by retired US Army Captain Elias Walker venture out into the US dark zones and operate in secret warfare under the guise of guerrilla.

Set in the year 2014, the game features the hijacking plot by the Federation. The Orbital Defence Initiative- ODIN, falls to the attack of the Federations and now it’s the players strategy to rescue the mission. Stay alive and liberate the country by playing out multiple gaming options. New features include an all-new Perk system and amazingly real high-definition graphics backed by sharp and clear narration on a personal level. Now choose the graphical interface to and try out those unseen categories numbered at around 20,000 combinations.

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BindingVideo Game
ESRB Age RatingMature
GenreFighting Action Games
Hardware PlatformPlayStation 3
Height55 mm
Length669 mm
Width528 mm
Weight18 g
Language TypeOriginal Language
Legal DisclaimerCall of Duty: Ghosts Limited EDITION PS3 New Sealed
Package Quantity1
Part Number202984
PlatformPlayStation 3
Product GroupVideo Games
Sales Rank4

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