CBSE X Science and Mathematics Animated video lessons

624 Multimedia video lessons with time duration 20 hour 25 minutes *Runs without Internet, only internet is required for product registration
Tupoints includes animated science mathematics lessons, activities for theoretical learning and regular practices. It acts as an online tutor and provides complete study material. This product is carefully designed to ensure maximum learning through rich animations with voice over for easy understanding and concept supported with examples. It makes learning easy for students and helps them to score high marks. This multimedia video lessons can be viewed completely offline without internet, however internet is required only for activation and registration. To view sample video lessons please visit our website

This Digital content covers the following chapters as per NCERT book :


Ch1 Real numbers Ch2 Polynomials Ch3 Pair of linear equation in two variables Ch4 Quadratic equations Ch5 Arithmetic progression Ch6 Triangles Ch7 Coordinate geometry Ch8 Introduction to trigonometry Ch9 some applications of trigonometry Ch10 circles Ch11 constructions Ch12 Areas related to circles Ch13 surface Areas and volumes Ch14 statistics Ch15 probability


Ch1 Light Ch2 Human eye and the colourful world Ch3 Electricity Ch4 Magnetic effect of electric current Ch5 Sources of energy Ch6 Chemical reactions and equations Ch7 Acid, Bases and Salts Ch8 METALS AND NON-METALS Ch9 Carbon and its compounds Ch10 Periodic classification of elements Ch11 LIFE PROCESSES Ch12 CONTROL AND CO-ORDINATION Ch13 HOW DO ORGANISMS REPRODUCE Ch14 HEREDITY AND EVOLUTION Ch15 OUR ENVIRONMENT Ch16 MANAGEMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES
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