Prestige Clip On Aluminium Pressure Cooker with Glass Lid, 5 Litres, 2-Pieces, Charcoal Black

Compact pressure cooker with sturdy handles
Perfect to Cook and Serve

Be it slow cooking, steam cakes or just lovely Indian cuisine, you can always create magnificent dishes with Prestige clip on aluminium pressure cooker. This sturdy pressure cooker has a heavy bottom and a full plate alpha base induction bottom which heats faster and allows uniform cooking over induction cooktop as well as traditional gas stoves. This pressure cooker comes with a unique glass lid with a specially designed ladle holder. You can replace the clip on pressure cooker lid with this glass lid and convert it into an elegant cookware and serve ware.

Secure Locking

The Prestige clip on aluminium pressure cooker with glass lid is constructed with premium quality anodised aluminium, which makes it hard and durable. This pressure cooker is designed for maximum safety. With 4 safety devices on the clip on lid – weight or whistle, the pressure indicator, gasket release system and the safety valve – this pressure cooker is one of the safest to use in your kitchen. Also this clip on lid can be fitted in any direction and without any hassle. With aesthetically designed secure seal, this clip on lid ensures no lugs on the rim.

Very Versatile

This pressure cooker can be used for many purposes. You can use it as a kadhai, handi or casserole too. Cook tasty delicacies, rich in flavour and taste, by keeping the steam locked within. This cooker is dishwasher safe and highly resistant to scratches or stains. With extreme functionality and a capacity of 5 litres, this sophisticated charcoal black pressure cooker is your perfect companion to cook and serve mouth-watering dishes.

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BindingKitchen & Home
Height1220 mm
Length1024 mm
Width1063 mm
Weight851 g
Legal DisclaimerPlease visit official website of Prestige
Package Quantity1
Part Number20326
Product GroupKitchen
Release Date2017-01-01
Sales Rank1420

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