Octagon Studio Space 4 D Flash Cards

Get ready for spectacular rocket launch
Embark on a fantastic space exploration experience with Space 4D+ by Octagon Studio. Space 4D+ is a collection of 37 educational AR flashcards about space including the solar system, planets, space objects, satellites, rovers, and space missions. Download the Space 4D+ app on App Store or Google Play Store for free, scan the cards. See the solar system and the planets come to life in Augmented Reality. To activate the Space 4D+ cards, users are requested to register a serial number that is attached on the instruction card. One serial number can be used on three devices in total. After registering the serial number, the user can scan the cards using Space 4D+ App to start discovering: SOLAR SYSTEM PLANETS Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto SATELLITES International Space Station Sputnik - [1957] Explorer I - [1958] Asterix - [1958] Osumi - [1970] Prospero - [1971] Kosmos 2175 - [1992] ROVERS Lunokhod I - [1970] Lunar Rovers - [1971] Sojourner - [1997] Spirit/Opportunity - [2004] Curiosity - [2011] SPACE OBJECTS Asteroids Black Hole Comet Meteor Nebula Supernova SPACE MISSIONS Soyuz - [1960] Vostok Mission - [1961] Gemini Mission - [1964] Surveyor - [1966-1968] Apollo 15 - [1971] Voyager - [1977] Space Shuttle - [1981] Deep Impact - [2005] Kepler - [2009] With Space 4D+, users can explore space in a novel way. Space 4D+ is not only about our solar system, but also about the many man-made creations that we have made to explore space. Users can spin the planets like a globe, see the differences between the planets in size, and even control the rovers on the Moon or Mars! Not Compatible for: Acer ICONIA Tab 8 A1-850-13FQ, Asus zenfone 2, Asus zenfone 4, Asus zenfone 5, Asus zenfone 6, Asus fonpad 8 fe380, Asus ZenPad 10, Asus FonePad K012, Asus ze551ml, HTC SC One, Lenovo A7000, Lenovo S880, Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2.8.0, LG G4 Stylus, LG L7, Samsung Tab GT-P7500, vivo x3s
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