Digi Pathshala Learn Core Java and Android App Development DVD Video Lecture (13 hours of content, 140+ Lectures, with Java Project)

This course is specially designed for the strong foundation of the enrolled students
Section 1: Core Java: 1. Introduction to Java 2. Install and Configure Java 3. First Program 4. Overloading of main function 5. Command line arguments 6. Commands Arguments as integer 7. Data types 8. Operators 9. Pre Post Increment- Decrement 10. Binary Arithmetic Operators 11. Relational Operators 12. Logical Operators 13. Bitwise Operators 14. Assignment and Compound Assignment 15. Conditional Operators 16. Statements 17. if Statements 18. if else Statements 19. switch Statements 20. Iteration Statements 21. for 22. while 23.do while 24. Jump statements 25. for with break 26. Continue 27. User Input 28. Integer Input 29. Functions 30. Without Argument Without Return 31. Without Argument With Return 32. With Argument Without Return 33. With Arguments With Return 34. One D array 35. String Array 36. Classess and Objects 37. Access member functions by objects 38. Inheritance 39. Inheritance-2 40. Super 41. Function Overriding 42. Abtract Classes 43. Interface 44. Two Interfaces 45. Applet Theory 46. Applet Creation 47. Applet 48. Applet Rectangle 49. Applet Text 50. Applet Color 51. Frames and Swings 52. Textfield and Label 53. RadioButton 54. CheckBox 55. List 56. Button 57. Passwords 58. Actions 59. Database Connections 60. Jar file and tomcat and wampserver 61. Run Jar on browser Android Development: 1. Introduction 2. setting up eclipse 3. Setting up path on Mac, Windows, Linux 4. Sample project with files and explanation to explain Android Development
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