Toyshine High Stability Stickerless - 3X3X3 Speed Cube, Multi Color

Basing it around a brand new spherical enclosed core design ensures that there is minimum friction between internal moving parts
About The Product

Basing It Around A Brand New Spherical Enclosed Core Design Ensures That There Is Minimum Friction Between Internal Moving Parts

This Revolutionary New Design Allows Not Only For Faster Turning Parts But Also Balances Fantastic Corner Cutting With No Pop Technology

This Is The New Sunshine Speed Cube With Tough Tiles

Develops Your Child'S Concentration, Patience, Problem Solving, Logical And Hands-On Skills

The Sunshine Speed Cube Is The Classic Color-Matching Puzzle That'S A Great Mental Challenge At Home Or On The Move.

Turn And Twist The Sides Of The Cube So That Each Of The Six Faces Only Has One Color. Over "43 Quintillion" (That'S 43 With 18 Zeros To You And Me) Moves Are Possible With This Original 3X3 Cube, But There Is Only One Solution! With Lots Of Practice You Can Solve It In Less Than 10 Seconds!

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Height236 mm
Length1024 mm
Width315 mm
Weight20 g
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Maximum Age1188 months
Package Quantity1
Part Number5B-NW9Q-XI1F
Product GroupToy
Sales Rank1

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