Pentacid - 60 Tablets

Manufactured by Sharangdhar Pharmaceuticals
Sharangdhar Pentacid Gairik, Gopichandan, Sajjikar helps to neutralize acid in the stomach giving instant relief. Sunthi and ShankaBhasamaregulates proper digestion offood, preventing the recurrence of acidity. This formula also has soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on gastricmucus membrane. Thus helps to control conditions like gastritis ulcers etc.Shunthi also prevents symptoms like nausea, vomiting, vertigo and belching. How is Pentacid different from other popular antacid? Many popular antacids including some Ayurvedic medicine for acidity are fast acting but their effect remains for short period of time. Long term use of these antacids leads to tolerance and medication becomes less effective. Sharangdhar Pentacid also has antiemetic property. It neutralizes acid and also controls the secretions of gastric acids. Effects of SharangdharPentacid are long lasting. So prevents erosion of stomach. It is chewable natural herbal tasty antacid with no side effects like diarrhea or constipation. Do’s :- wheat , mug , rice (Old Sali) karela , padwal , pomegranate , milk , raisin, ghee, butter Don’t :- til , udid, Kulitha , curd , nonveg,oily ,spicy , sour salty food, and fermented food, smoking , alcohol Daily Regime :- Light exercise like walking , jogging etc.
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BindingPersonal Care
Weight4 g
Part Number138842/DWA057
Product GroupHealth and Beauty
PublisherSharangdhar Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
StudioSharangdhar Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Sales Rank58290

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