The Sikh Ardaas: Its Meaning and Purpose

The Sikh 'Ardaas,' or supplication, is a prayer seeking divine grace and blessing for the community as well as for the supplicant.
It is performed either as an accompaniment to important collective Gurudwara functions or during personal 'Nitnem' practice of the 'Gursikh.'
The 10th Sikh Guru, Gobind Singh composed the initial part of the Ardaas, and Sikh scholars and priests added the remaining parts, as per custom and liturgy. The opening stanza of the Ardaas is from the composition 'War Sri Bhagauti Ji Ki' scripted by the Guru. 'Bhagauti' implies the dynamic power of God symbolized by the Sword that vanquishes evil in this world.
The Ardaas invokes the Sikh Gurus and the embodiment of their guiding spirit, the holy Guru Granth Sahib, as well as the deeds of valor and sacrifice of millions of Sikhs who chose death over forced conversions under the Mughal rule. It inspires reverence, courage, and faith in the community by paying homage to our brave and proud tradition.
It is a part of the daily ritual of god-loving Sikhs, and understanding its essence is our beholden duty.
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