It was all Yellow! - Coldplay Typography Lyrics Music Poster

Thickness - 300 GSM
Inspire yourself everyday! alterEgo posters are 300 GSM (grams per sq.m) thick and the dimension of this poster is 18.5 inch * 12.5 inch. We also provide with a 0.5 inch margin on all sides in case you'd wish to frame it up. We pack the posters carefully by rolling them up in plastic sleeves and then inside a cardboard tube sealed on both ends using metallic closures to ensure there's no damage in transit. Should you have any questions for us, please post them in the "Customer Questions & Answers" and we will try our best to respond within a few hours.
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Package Quantity1
Part Numberaefk520
Product GroupHome
Size12 x 18
Sales Rank189996

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