Quad Store(TM) - Fun kit for Arduino Uno R3 (with BOOK and Circuit for Beginners / Starters)

Quad store(tm) - fun arduino starter kit with book and printed circuit
Quad Store - Fun Arduino Starter Kit (For all age group):

Note: "Check for brand name Quad Store, Logo, QR- Scan code and Hologram in the retail box label to confirm your buying authentic Quad Store products"

(1) QuaduinoUNO R3 board x1 (High quality Arduino-Compatible board)
(2) USB cable x1
(3) Acrylic mounting plate with screws for Uno R3 x1
(4) Half Sizebreadboard x1
(5) Push Button Switchx5
(6) RGB LEDx1
(7) Red LED x10
(8) Green LED x10
(9) Blue LED x10
(10) YellowLEDx10
(11) 10k Potentiometerx1
(12) LM35 Temperature sensor x1
(13) Toy DC Motorx1
(14) 5v Relayx1
(15) Passive buzzer (piezo buzzer) x1
(16) Resistors (560 Ohm x25; 2.2k Ohm x10, 10k Ohm x10 )
(17) Photoresistorx1
(18) 74HC595 - Shift Register x1
(19) SG90 Servo Motorx1
(20) 1602 Screen x1
(21) DuPont Wires (Female - Female ) x10
(22) DuPont Wires (Female - Male) x10
(23) DuPont Wires (Male - Male ) x40
(24) P2N2222A Transistor x2
(25) 1N4001 Diode x2
(26) 40 Pin Headerx1
(27) 9v Battery clipx1
(28) Printed Bookx1
(29) Printed Circuit Sheetx 1
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Legal DisclaimerPlease note that this is a Quad Store Trade Mark registered kit and is sold directly by Quad Store. We have not engaged any distributor or re-sellers. Any illegal reproduction of this kit including the labels and contents will be legally prosecuted
Number Of Items1
Package Quantity1
Part NumberQS-FSK
Product GroupBISS Basic
PublisherQuad Store
StudioQuad Store
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