Envie ECR20+1000 Envie AA/AAA Battery Charger and Rechargeable Battery

This charger charges aa/aaa ni-mh/ni-cd rechargeable batteries
Envie b.e.e.t.l.e beetle battery charger ecr 20 + 4 pieces envie aa 1000 mah battery low self discharge, which means that you have over 80% charge left even after a year of no usage. Ideal for both high and low drain devices like digital cameras, video games, remote-controlled toys, camcorders, wall clocks, portable cd players, Walkman, mp3 payers, digital audio recorders and so on. Zero percent cadmium content, hence environment friendly. Ideal for wedding photographers, travel enthusiasts and last-minute packers, these batteries will never let you down.
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Height118 mm
Length787 mm
Width236 mm
Weight44 g
Package Quantity1
Part NumberECR20+1000
Product GroupCE
PublisherIMS Mercantiles Pvt. Ltd,
StudioIMS Mercantiles Pvt. Ltd,
Sales Rank1023

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