Bosch Bike Symphony Fanfare Horn 028 (Set of 2)-Yamaha FZ-S

Brand : Bosch Other Features : Easy to fit Increased life horn Enhanced horn sound Works with 12V battery current Helps in getting an over take lane easily With horn installed in vehicle, driving becomes easy and safe
If you are tired of low horn sound of your car then switch to Bosch Car Symphony Fanfare Horn 028 which will not only get you to the roadside for over taking any vehicle but will also keep you safe while driving. The easy to fit design ensures minimal hassle during the time of its installation. The excusively engineered design produces enhanced horn sound, all working on a 12V battery current.
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MPN028 fzs
Package Quantity1
Part Number028 fzs
Product GroupAutomotive Parts and Accessories
Sales Rank59603

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