KIDCHERRY Daddy's Choice Cotton Open Style Diaper, Medium

A set of 100% cotton diapers
Specification: 100% natural cotton pearl embossed surface, instant absorption and dry, convex soft point breathable network layer, and soft elastic waist design. Safe from harmful additives (No alcohol, No propylene, No Formaldehydes, No ink, No Fragrance, No glycol and preservatives) super water absorption. Lighter breathable membrane ensures liquid dose not leak and breathability is enhanced. Leak proof- the application of four layer double technology ensures larger plane cut and prevent side leakage. Double dry and soft - special soft layer, speed up liquid infiltration ensure the surface is dry even after absorption of excess liquid, thus keeping the baby skin friendly dry, less friction reducing rash appearance on baby skin resulting in happy and confidant baby.
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BindingBaby Product
Minimum Age6 months
Product GroupBaby Product
Publisherkidcherry 0002
Studiokidcherry 0002
Sales Rank11163

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