Hi Art Car Plastic Mud Flaps For Volkswagen New Polo Type 2 [2015-2017] - Set of 4 pcs.

Vehicle Compatibilty: New Polo Type 2 [2015-2017]
In some cars mud guard flaps comes with factory fitted and in rest cars this is a first thing to fit. Mud flaps are important, which definitely protects the mud accumulation under the car. A mud guard, as the name suggests, guards your cars body from the road debris, mud and dirt that may be kicked up by the tires when in driving operation, that's why they are situated just behind the tires. They are usually made out of high-grade plastic while some are made out of metal. Both rear and front tires of vehicle are outfitted with mudguards, because of a wheels grip and traction on the road, it is inevitable that road debris will be kicked up, small stone may also be projected which may cause nicks and scratches to your vehicle and the vehicles behind you. Installation Instructions: See the back of the fender, it marked the position (rear left, rear right, front left, front right) When install the mudguard, please turn the steering wheel and adjust the wheel, detach the original screw of the car body Set the fender on the corresponding part of the body, keep the outer edge of the fender parallel to the tire outer edge and fasten screws Also can use the special screws in the package (or the original screw) As for some car fender,the hole dose not match the original car hole, please punch a new hole, better to install in the car shop.
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