Toyshine Baby Rattle Toy With Soothing Bell Sound - 1 Pc Assorted Color

It makes soft and sweet sounds, making the baby curious and happy at the same time
Toyshine Baby Rattle Toy with Soothing Bell Sound, Non-toxic, Assorted Colorr

Nothing excites babies more than this cute looking tumbler doll. It is a classic, all-time favorite baby toy that can do wonders for your baby. It wobbles and makes soft and sweet sounds, which attracts and makes them to try and touch it

Motor Development:
Shaking tumbler doll will attract the baby to stretch out its hands or turn around to search for the source of the crisp sounds

Sweet Tones
Crisp and soft sounds to protect baby's hearing, stimulate the hearing development.

Hand-eye coordination skill
Doll can swing in different directions, which can train baby's tracking ability, and improve its hand-eye coordination skills.

Learning and Fun
Always smiling and nodding its head, it can soothe a crying baby and calms them. Give any name to this toy, it will bring fun and joy to your little child. It improves a baby's hearing, touch and grasping abilities and is completely safe for your infant baby.

Helps in
Object Recognition
Hand-eye coordination
Improves Cognition
Develops Social Skills
Color Recognition
Curiosity Building
Enhances Visual Stimuli

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Minimum Age1 months
Product GroupToy
PublisherSunshine Gifting
StudioSunshine Gifting
Sales Rank7185

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