Mr. Light Rechargeable Metal LEd Torch 1700m Range,3.5 Hour Backup,500 Lumens,Cree Cobra Series Gt3 (Cobra-GT3, Black)

Rechargeable - gives 3.5 hour back up on a 4 hour charge - small sized easy to carry
Mr.light has a unique technology when it comes to the throw of light. When all other flashlights focus on small range brightness, the mc2 technology in the mr.light flashlights ensure optimized throw of light from the head reflector, that emits brighter light which sustains constantly for a larger range of distance. The electronic circuit of the pcb ensures that the light is uniform in the beam and reaches in constant luminous intensity for upto 50 meters at a time. This spectra of light, controlled by the flashlight's parabolic shape ensures that the performance levels of the light reaches a wider range in Mr. Light's. Mr.light rechargeable flashlights come with a factory guaranteed o-ring in each instrument. This ensures that the flashlight is water resistant and is usable in a situation that involves contact with water for a short period. This stops any liquid form to enter the flashlight from outside. Every mr.light flashlight is a precision instrument made to the smallest detail. From the finishing on the face cap to the clarity on the lenses. From the precision embedding of the led fixture onto the head unit to the smoke polishing of the barrel, and the torque created by the tail cap spring,. Mr.light has introduced a variety of new leds with a brighter, more powerful, blinding light than any led that's come before. Our mc2 opto technology almost triples the brightness and creates an intense beam that pierces the darkness. So you get the long-run times and indestructibility of an led with a new level of brightness that leaves other leds in the dark. Mr.light has its presence in over 30 countries. Reliability has been the key word in our after sales culture
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