Pepper Agro Drip Irrigation Hose Plant Watering Hose 4 mm Feederline Pipe, 100 Meter

Material : Plastic, Package includes : 100 Meter Hose


We've got an impressive range of garden hoses from all the best irrigation manufacturers at great prices for all your watering needs.

You'll struggle to find a broader range elsewhere. Our hose pipes are available in a wide variety of lengths and bore sizes to suit all budgets and requirements.

Whether you are a professional or amateur gardener, we've got the right hose to keep gardens of all sizes and shapes beautifully watered.

Our broad choice of irrigation pipes are essential for making up a network that provides water from your tap to your plants.

Supply pipe carries water from your water source to micro ('feeder') pipe where it is then delivered to individual drippers or micro sprinklers.

Dripper tubes contain built in drippers that distribute water to your plants at an even rate ensuring their water needs are controlled with minimal fuss.


This product is owned, managed and sold exclusively by Pepper Agro and we have not authorized any other seller to sell this product. Hence we can not guarantee the quality if purchased from any other seller other than "Pepper Agro".

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