Orthowala ™ - Lower Backrest Comfort Cushion office chair back support - on chair & sofa car etc

FULL LENGTH SPINE CORRECT BACK SUPPORT - Full size back support, offers great lumbar area support for the rest of your back, not only to adjust to your comfortable angle, but also the perfect support for the waist, for your better care of your waist.
The Orthowala Back Support is your favorite companion to alleviate back pain and also prevent it. The ergonomically designed backrest supports the spine along its natural curve and thereby reduces stress on the spine and lower back. The backrest is made of Medical grade molded polyurethane foam which provides soft yet firm support to the back. The backrest does not use memory foam as memory foam takes the position of the body in slouching position and does not support the spine. The Orthowala Back Support is the perfect backrest if you have high fatigue and back pain. The backrest comes in various attractive colors and perfectly suits your office chair, car seat, sofa or dining chair. The choice of colors will suit most modern surroundings and add to the color therapy. The backrest can also be used while sitting in the bed, working on the laptop or simply sitting working in the kitchen. The backrest is also a great solution for road trips and when your body is fatigued and posture is sedentary. Keeping your spine in proper alignment is key to relieving back pain. Chiropractors and physical therapists recommend lumbar support cushions to help maintain good posture while at home, in the office or on the roa
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