Orthowala ™ - Hot & Cold Gel Pack (Microwaveable) with Towel Cover - for pain therapy

Contains Two Gel Sheets 25 X 18 Cm, In Each Pack,Multipurpose,Universal/Standard Size Compress Belt;Therapy For Pain, Injury, Inflammation Caused By Running, Walking, Jogging, Surgery Etc. Highly Recommended By Professional Physical Therapists For Relief From Sore Muscles, Arthritis, Sprains, Swelling, Osteoarthritis And Impact Exercices
Dual purpose - Gel packs are flexible plastic and containers filled with Non toxic Gel.They can be used either cold or hot,depending on your needs.They are useful for relieving pain caused by injury,muscle strains,headeaches,neck pain or other problem area.Gel packs are reusable and transport easily. Directions For Use: Cold Application: 1. Store cold pack in freezer for 10-25 minutes.2. Insert cold pack in cover or wrap in cloth. 3. Apply cold pack to injured area. Hot Application: 1. Place the gel in microwave oven and heat at full power for 30-35 seconds. If pack expands like a balloon: Stop heating. Pack is too hot. Let pack cool. Check for leaks. 2. Remove pack carefully from microwave and knead to distribute heat evenly. Check for desired temperature. 3. Insert pack into cover or wrap in cloth. 4. Apply hot pack to injured area.
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