Abronix® Cars Mobile Phone Holder With 360 Degree Swivel & Extendable Mount Cradle for Android/iOS Devices (Black)

SUPER STICKY GEL PAD: Attach to windshield most smooth flat surfaces securely and is easily removable. It can be restored to its mint condition by rinsing it with warm water and allowing it to air dry
Keeping your phone safe and secure when driving just got a whole lot better with the Abronix Car Phone Mount. Redesigned with phone safety and driver convenience in mind, the new design features a one-button rear release that unlocks the holder arms. The new button position also makes it more convenient to grab the phone so it doesn't accidentally slip away as the arms unlock. Flat Suction Cup Sticks Better when it comes to suction cups, only one sticks down best - a flat one. By flattening the surface area, a flat suction cup can create a tighter grip as less air is allowed to be caught underneath. Not only that, but the suction cup covers a larger surface area allowing it to grip on tighter to dashboards or windows. Adjust, Rotate, or Swivel No matter if you lean back into your seat or hunch over the wheel, the Abronix Car Phone Cradle can be adjusted to get the position that's right for you. For your benefit are three different ways to get the perfect angle - adjustable arm length, 180° arm rotation, and a 360° joint ball. Together you'll be able to enjoy hands free phone calls or access maps with ease. Made for Improved Usability Part of what makes a great product is how the design helps the user, and with the Abronix Car Phone Stand, the design is based on usability. That means the small things like the adjustable support tray, the rubber holder arms that offer a firmer hold, or the improved knobs to make adjustment easier, are designed for user-friendliness and convenience. Fits Most Popular Smartphones Still use the classic iPhone 4S? Worry that your iPhone 7 Plus might be too big? Thanks to the adjustable holder arms with a 2 in / 5.2 cm - 3.62 in / 9.2 cm range, the phone holder can fit just about every popular smartphone - yep, even all the iPhone Plus models.
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Height236 mm
Length315 mm
Width315 mm
Part NumberAB-CMH-003
Product GroupCE
Sales Rank90837

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