Sumeet Nonstick Three Star Combo Set (Multi Snack Maker - 7 Pcs+ Pizza Pan + Grill Appam Patra 12 Pcs)

4 Layer Coating

The Sumeet 3 pc Three Star Combo Set is a lovely addition to your kitchenware collection.

This 3 pc Three Star Combo Set includes a Grill Appam patra, Pizza Pan & Multi Snack maker.

Grill Appam Patra : A fine addition to the kitchen, this appam patra does not take up much space on the shelf. A heat-resistant handle is attached to the appam patra that ensures safe handling. You can make tasty appams in this appam maker with minimum oil and is suitable for those who are health conscious. Featuring grill grids and comes with a stainless steel lid.

Pizza Pan : Sumeet Pizza pan has 3 Round rings (Ribs) with in it, which lifts Pizza dough (base) above the surface allowing moisture to escape and to provide a mouth-watering, crispy crust. Ribs evenly heats pizza. Pan is perfect for making pizzas with a perfect crispy crust. This pizza pan comes with Sturdy Handle. It Also Includes Stainless Steel Lid. Outer layer is coated with hammer tone coat to resist overheating.

Multi snack maker : Featuring a unique design with 7 compartments for making various snack at the same time. For ease of use, it has an anti-skid design that allows a firm grip on the pan supports of gas stoves. The ergonomic handle of this pan features for additional strength and durability. You can Make, Dosa, Mini Uttappa, Set dosa, Masala Papad and many more things with it

This 3 pc Three Star Combo Set from the house of Sumeet will become a family treasure for generations. Experience a lifetime of cooking enjoyment with Sumeet cookware

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