Xelot Earthenware Clay Pot, Small/3.2 L, (Terracotta)

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A product which is delivered worldwide for its good quality.A product whose quality is tested on daily usage.Worth much more than the given price. Truly a wonderful bargain for the buyer. Inexpensive and easily available -the porous nature of a clay pot makes it retain moisture and heat within the pot itself ensuring a dish that is perfectly cooked and full of flavour. Moreover, that earthy taste and aroma are unmatchable Health benefits - Cooking in clay pots is said to give you all the calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sulphur and several other compounds that our body requires. Clay pots are also alkaline in nature so they mix well with acidic food to perfectly balance out the PH level of what you cook - making it healthier. Perfect for milk and milk products. It is good for cooling water. Improves metabolism and virility. It is gentle on the throat. You can easily use these to cook your daily meals on a gas burner. Rice, dal pulao, or a sabzi you can make it all in an earthenware pot. The trick is to keep the flame low and eventually raise the temperature as sudden changes in temperature may cause the handi to crack. Slow cooking in a handi imparts a delicious earthy flavour of the food.
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