The Bonsai Plants Indoor 6 year Old Grafted Ficus Bonsai Tree

Perfect semi indoor bonsai plant for artistic home décor.
Ficus Bonsai Tree also known as the common Fig and Chinese Banyan, this bonsai tree grows naturally in Southwest Asia. Many varieties are natural dwarfs. Grafted Ficus is one of the most popular trees for indoor Bonsai. It is an excellent tree for beginners and pros alike. Ficus can be grown indoors, close to a sunny window, or outdoors year-round in warmer climates. Direct morning sunlight is preferable; direct afternoon sun can sometimes burn the delicate leaves. Water thoroughly and deeply when it needs water and let it catch its breath before watering again. Leaves want humidity to keep them green and healthy. Fertilizing a bonsai is essential to its health because the nutrients in the soil leave very quickly with the water.
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