Viiva Programmable Auto Cutoff Socket - Timer Power Smart Socket

If you leave your Smart Phone plugged in to a power source when it is fully charged creates a high-stress environment for the battery (even "if" your smart phone smartly stops charging) as it is constantly receiving "trickle charges" to keep it at 100%. The result: its capacity to hold charge reduces significantly. To protect your battery, you must stop power supply once it is charged. The Viiva Socket does that for you.
Viiva Timer Smart Socket is one of the best Programmable Automatic power cut off socket, Made in India. A micro controller based smart socket cuts power accurately after the chosen time period elapses. Just set the timer and forget about it. A smart socket to take care of your expensive electronic devices. Sophisticated design adds in to the aesthetic of your house, and (VIIVA - PACS) helps you to save energy and money by automatically shutting of power after the selected time interval. Used for Household devices with desired time setting provided A) Short Time Span/1 hour - Hair Straightener, Cloth irons, Soldering irons, toaster /ovens, coffeemaker and Geysers. B) Medium Time span/ 2 hours - Mobile electronic chargers- Mobile phones, Laptops, MP3 players, Bluetooth devices and Digital cameras. C) Long time span/ 3 hours - Large cordless devices chargers - Handheld vacuum cleaners, Cordless drills, 3D printers, Trimmers, Coolers and Fans. D) Have the luxury to set your Devices like Washing Machine/ TV with required time setting and can leave it to Viiva PACS to switch off the current supply. Helps you protect your devices and home as it has a built in surge protection system, made with high quality ABS polycarbonate. Can be used for 5A - 7A Devices. A plugged in device left overnight inattentive can still draw power, Viiva - PACS automatically shuts off power after selective time interval and save your devices from damage caused due to overcharging of devices, trickle charging and overheating of the battery and helps you to save energy and money. Safe and suitable for Indian setting. Viiva timer socket is the best way to prevent your electronic devices from running all day.
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Weight35 g
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MPNE100 15
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