ShoppoWorld 2 in 1 Snack & Drink Snackeez Travel Cup in One Container

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Good product.Overview # Snackeez is a portable snacking station, allowing you to carry your drink and snack together in one hand. Its design resembles a large glass with an upper cup area for snacks. A straw reaches the drink below, allowing you to carry a drink and snack at the same time. # Process # 1. Place your Snackeez cup flat on a table;unscrew and remove Snackeez snack bowl. 2. Fill Snackeez cup just above the rubber hand grip with 16 oz.of your favorite drink.Be sure to leave room for snack bow!. 3. With snack bowl off,insert top of straw(with stopper ring on bottom),through opening underneath the snack bowl,pushing until it emerges at the top. 4. Screw the snack bowl on top of your Snackeez cup,making sure the bowl is securely in place against the top of the cup. 5. Open the lid and fill the snack bowl with 4 oz. of your favorite snack. 6. Close lid.(Snackeez snack bowl lid snaps in place when fully closed.) 7. Open Snack bowl lid to enjoy your favorite beverage. Features 1. Flip-top snack Lid 2. Straw 3. 4 oz. snack cup 4. Non slip grip 5. 16 oz. Drink cup 6. Size: 10(H) x 20(L) x 10(W)cm # Package Include # 1 x Snackeez Cup
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