ThinkTac Microscope DIY Science Kit (Multicolour)

Make your own microscope that magnifies objects by more than 100x and see onion cells in magnificent detail
The microscope is one of the most important scientific instruments ever made. Usually involving a pretty complicated optical set-up, with prohibitively expensive parts, most children rarely get to use one, let alone make one here, using a simple but high- transparent glass bead, we mount it on a piece of cardboard or wood to create a simple microscope, with nearly 100x magnification to view anything from leaves, thread fibres, pollen and fungi to smaller cells visible in onion peels or even cheek cells. Here, apart from the glass bead, we provide you with a glass slide and cover slips, with a staining agent, so that you may view onion cells through your own hand-made microscope in all their glory. Can you identify the cell arrangement in the onion peel what about identifying the nucleus of each onion cell.
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Legal DisclaimerCaution! Tools/sharp materials/instruments such as scissors, cutter blades, etc. are to be carefully handled. Onus is on users to safely handle them.
Minimum Age108 months
Product GroupToy
PublisherTactile Education Services Private Limited
StudioTactile Education Services Private Limited
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