Kiva All Natural Organic Coconut Jaggery | No Preservatives Added | 100% Vegan Friendly Candy | Gluten Free | 20x8g Candies Per Pack

100% NATURAL COCONUT JAGGERY - As part of our new product line of jaggery candies, the organic gluten free treats we're offering will give you a glimpse of the amazing food heritage of India. Wonderfully healthy, we've decided to revive this dying traditional habit the best way we can: dairy free, no preservatives added, no colours, no artificial flavours, non-GMO certified to make it every bit as healthy without sacrificing taste quality.

Directions For Use

Eat one piece of our all natural organic candy as you would any other snack. Ideal eating time is after every meal for ease of digestion.

What is Jaggery?

Referred to as "Gur" in Hindi, or whole sugar, Jaggery is pure and unrefined whole sugar. This means that it retains all the rich minerals and vitamins found naturally in sugarcane juice. This makes jaggery, and our 100% natural organic snacks one of the best sources of wholesome and healthy sugars in the world!

Natural, pure and chemical-free, our jaggery snacks are some of the healthiest and best organic snacks on the market today. Made from sugarcane sap, its flavor features sweet blender tones with a mix of brown sugar and molasses. Because they are chemical free, our organic snacks are rich in important vitamins and minerals. A single piece of our gluten free candy is chock full of iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. In fact, our jaggery gluten free treats contain approximately 50 times more mineral content than refined sugar and at least five times more than that of brown sugar!

Our gluten free vegan candy is an excellent source of essential nutrients such as magnesium. This, in turn, makes it great for helping relieve stress and fatigue. Other benefits include relaxation of muscles, nerves, as well as blood cells. Additionally, our all natural jaggery organic vegan candy also contains potassium, as well as sodium, which makes it great for maintaining blood pressure and making you feel less bloated.

Click Add To Cart and enjoy the digestive benefits of our delicious jaggery natural organic candy today!

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