Chemistry for Kids, The Atomic Structure: Charges and Mass (Sharp Series, Chemistry Book 1)

This book is meant for students grades 6 and higher. It addresses concepts that are critical to the understanding of the inner structure of the atom, which lays the foundation for appreciating how elements behave in chemical reactions. The text has been integrated with colorful images that help engage the visual with the conceptual.

No prerequisites are necessary. The book is suitable for the beginner who has not studied chemistry before, and for the student who wants to clarify questions for review purposes. A couple of mathematical chapters were also infused into the book to support younger learners with the necessary mathematical background to succeed.

To get the most from this book, students should summarize each chapter and rehearse the concepts. Attempting to work independently through all problems at the end of the book is beneficial only before reading the solutions.

When solving problems, one can be sure the chemical principles presented were well understood. Restricting oneself to only reading is incomplete learning.

The series walks learners gradually and conceptually through the chemical and particle physics theories that are meant to jumpstart a more profound scientific understanding.

Topics covered in this volume:
Subatomic Particle,
Atomic Mass,
Period Table of Elements,
Atomic Number,
Isotope and Ion Notations,
Atomic Weight,
The Mole,
Molar Mass,
The Rule of Three,
Practice problems and easy to follow solutions.
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AuthorLex Sharp
BindingKindle Edition
FormatKindle eBook
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Product GroupeBooks
Publication Date2018-03-26
PublisherFields of Code Inc.
Release Date2018-03-26
StudioFields of Code Inc.
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