LG ScaLGo Descaling Powder 100 grams (Pack of 3)

Descaling Powder gets rid of lime scales in washing machines and appliances, this reduces corrosive action of deposits and it reduces power consumed for heating, it eliminates bad odour inside a machine
Metal compounds such as magnesium and calcium found in water form scale deposits on your machine parts with every wash. These deposits on the heating elements and other machine parts reduces efficiency and longevity of your washing machine. It fights corrosion caused by scaling deposits. It is a combination of mild acids and corrosion inhibitors. It acts instantly on stubborn scale deposits and flush them out with wash water. Descaling Powder restores machine parts affected by scales to original condition and leave your machine drum sparkling clean. Descaling Powder is 100 percent biodegradable and appliance friendly.
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BindingPersonal Care
Height315 mm
Length512 mm
Width394 mm
Weight66 g
ModelLG ScaLGo Descaling Powder
MPNLG ScaLGo Descaling Powder
Number Of Items48
Part NumberLG ScaLGo Descaling Powder
Product GroupHealth and Beauty
PublisherSmart Shelter
StudioSmart Shelter
Sales Rank1388

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