NaturePac Garbage Bags Biodegradable For Kitchen,Office,Medium Size (Green ,48cmx56cm,180 Bag)

Medium garbage bags: 100% oxo-biodegradable and recyclable:-pac garbage bags are tested and certified 100% oxo-biodegradable which means that they will degrade within a year helping the environment and you to support a greener cause

Why biodegradable

  • Plastic consumption in india as on 2007 85 lakhs tons.
  • One of the majority is contributed by plastic bags.
  • Our garbage bags degrade from the dumping lands within a year of usage.

How its biodegradable

  • The primary material used is biodegradable plastic.
  • This means that, this bags under normal uv light or sunlight looses all its plastic properties as time passes.
  • Within one year the tensile strength and other strength properties of the bags reduces drastically and in one year it degrades in the environment.
  • We have tested the material from national certified lab. and the test report has concluded that there is drastic reduction in the plastic properties of our bags and as we extrapolate the results we find that within 12-15 months it will completely degrade from the environment.

How to use

  • Refer the 2nd photo
  • 4 simple steps :- unroll, tear, unfold, and open. And its ready to use.

What you get

  • You get 6 rolls of 30 bags each. Bag dimension in 48cm x 56 cm.

Advantages of using naturepac garbage bags

  • A right step to save environment.
  • Our bags will degrade within a year.
  • It's better to start using eco-friendly solution before it gets too late.
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