The Art of Positive Thinking

What produces negative feelings in us? What keeps us from holding positive contemplations? What makes us bolt our psyche on the insufficiencies and setbacks throughout our life? What blinds us from seeing the numerous gifts we have gotten?

It is the unforgiving sense of self, which is the primary foe of profound reasoning. It discloses to us that our wants are of central significance, for we are the focal point of the universe. Our self-image is under the fantasy that the universe has been made for the satisfaction of our diminutive wants. It causes us to act like the geologist in the story beneath:

A geologist began an endeavour along the waterway Ganges. He was walking, investigating the stream bank and confirming its course with a guide. Nonetheless, at one spot, he found that as per his guide the waterway ought to turn left, while it was really streaming right. He was incredibly irritated. ‘Why the Ganges doesn’t follow my guide? It is inconsequential to investigate it.‘ He unloaded his guide and got back.

To anticipate that the Ganges should stick to the guide was puerile. Rather, it was the guide that ought to have adjusted to the waterway. Yet, in his persistence, the geologist was anticipating that the world should adjust to his tiny originations.

Despite the fact that the above model may appear to be silly, our inner self causes us to carry on in the very same way. It bamboozles us into accepting that the world exists for the satisfaction of our wants. We overlook that God is the focal point of the universe, not us, and the whole creation is for the good of He. We are intended to satisfy the desire of God and not the reverse way around.

This is the reason it is beneficial to recollect that EGO is an abbreviation for Edging God Out.

Conceit resembles a cloud that keeps God escaped our sight. In the event that, by the benevolence of the genuine master, egomania evaporates, at that point, God is found in His full magnificence.

At the point when we destroy our self-pride, we at that point start to value the numerous graces we have gotten. We quit underestimating them as we up to this point did. Beforehand, we may have made a lot of ado about a couple of agonies on our plate, yet when quietude makes its home in our cognizance, we become mindful of the various endowments we have gotten as the accompanying story shows.

Mukesh had an awful tingle in his eyes. He demonstrated it to the specialist who analyzed, ‘You have a dangerous development in your eyes. You should go through the medical procedure for the expulsion of your eyeballs. That is the main way you can keep the tumour from spreading to the remainder of your body.

Mukesh’s soul was broken. On the named day, he went to the medical procedure room, figuring he would be visually impaired when he would emerge from there. Notwithstanding, when the specialist cut at him, he found that the issue was an uncommon growth developing on the retina. He tidied it up and sewed the cut together. In two or three hours, Mukesh recaptured cognizance.

On opening his eyes following a couple of days, he found that he was as yet ready to see. Presently Mukesh’s mentality was changed. He thought, ‘I am so thankful to God for permitting me to hold my eyes. His endless beauty, He has offered on me the intensity of vision to keep seeing His wonderful creation!

Prior, Mukesh had underestimated his eyes, yet he currently valued them as gifts of God. Essentially, we too will in general even consider taking our home, assets and wellbeing for conceded. In the event that we can just figure out how to be grateful to the Lord for these graces, we will discover adequate explanations behind certain reasoning.

The issue is, the point at which we have something, we overlook it is a gift. Just later, in its nonappearance, do we understand the estimation of what we had. We can take in this exercise from the couple in the story beneath:

A couple I knew lived in a two-room house in Arlington, Texas. It was agreeable and satisfactory for both of them. Be that as it may, they were malcontented seeing their companions’ palatial houses in close by Coppell. At whatever point they met me, they don’t communicate anything however dissatisfaction for their home.

Tragically, about that time, the spouse lost his employment, which made them relinquish their home loan instalments. Their bank, in the wake of cautioning them for a couple of successive months, was going to abandon them. This would have left them in the city, for they had no different speculations.

For two entire months, the idea of losing their home hung like the blade of Damocles over their head. On the very day when the property planned to sneak out of their hands, the spouse marvellously found another line of work, and their house was spared.

Presently they live in a similar house however observe it from an alternate perspective. They consistently express gratitude toward God for giving them a rooftop over their head. What do you think changed? Not their outer resources, yet their viewpoint.

It is our pride that makes us ignorant concerning God’s countless graces. It cheats us into accepting that the satisfaction of our egotistical wants is the basic role of creation. It gives us the motivation to legitimize our dissatisfaction when things don’t go our direction.

In the event that we can figure out how to be modest, we will welcome that the satiation of our pretentious wants isn’t the reason for the universe. Rather, an amazing point is to satisfy the desire of God. This straightforward illumination will stir us to the multitudinous graces that have come to our direction, and in them, we will find a huge number of motivations to be cheerful. This is the speciality of positive reasoning, which is the primary attitude for progress, bliss and satisfaction.

At the point when we stifle our egotistical wants, we wake up to a higher reason that God has available for us and understand that the universe isn’t unfriendly to life. Or maybe, it is liberal and anxious to give endless gifts and open doors for the spirit to develop and show its awesome predetermination.

Be that as it may, personal development can possibly happen when we disguise the second attitude for progress, which is the mentality of assuming liability for our deficiencies and shortcomings. Let us examine this next.

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