The Law of Infinite Potential

The significance of supplanting average examples of considerations, feelings and mentalities with standout ones. The rehashed practice of these thoughts and figured examples will assist us with building up the attitudes required for monstrous satisfaction and satisfaction in our excursion of life.

The ‘Law of Infinite Potential’. All of us is an otherworldly being and not a pack of synthetics. Our spirit isn’t made of the five material components (earth, water, fire, air, space), like the things of this world. As indicated by the Bhagavad Gita, all spirits in presence are everlasting pieces of the Supreme Soul. Consequently, we are altogether divine, similar to God Himself. Isn’t so astounding and great?

As small pieces of God, our potential for development is likewise endless, on the grounds that our source is vast all around. A drop of water mirrors the characteristics of the sea despite the fact that it is an exceptionally minuscule piece of it. A sparkle of the fire has the characteristics of the fire from which it has exuded. So also, our spirit is sat-chit-anand, for example having forever, information and euphoria, similar to God Himself.

Remain before the sea and perceive how lowered you feel before its immensity. The earth is much greater, with its five seas and seven landmasses. In any case, in contrast with the close planetary system, the earth is just a little speck. Like the sun, there are around 400 billion stars in the Milky Way (science has increased these evaluations since my past books). Notwithstanding, the Milky Way isn’t the main cosmic system. Like it, there are around 200 billion systems known to man.

Yet, these stunning cosmic computations don’t end here. As indicated by the Vedas, the universe we live in is one of the littlest among the countless universes in presence. Every universe has one Brahma, one Vishnu and one Shiv. That is the tremendousness of creation and its Creator. Along these lines, the Vedas have named God as Anant, or One who is with no start or end.

The Infinite God is plentiful in each part of His creation. Would you be able to envision Him saying, ‘I have run out of assets and can’t deliver any more daylight for the earthlings now?‘ Is it conceivable that He will actually say, ‘I have run out of oxygen now? I am simply too tired to even think about creating this component any longer?’ Both of these situations are difficult to consider. Henceforth, His elegance is additionally boundless.

It is from such boundless wealth that we as a whole have developed. In the event that we wind up seeing some sort of need or shortage in our lives, it isn’t a direct result of a deficiency in divine beauty, but since we have not qualified ourselves to get it. The Vedas illuminate us that our Eternal Father isn’t closefisted. He has protected for us the enormous fortunes of celestial love, information and joy, which are our own to guarantee the day we become qualified for them.

The reason for the developmental excursion of the spirit over vast lifetimes isn’t to stay sad, however, to ascend to the best quality of flawlessness set for us by God. Henceforth, the Law of Infinite Potential expresses that every last one of us has interminable potential for development.

Absence of attention to this law makes in us the shortage attitude, which drives us to rival each other to become ‘ruler of the slope‘. With such a mentality, we expect that there is just one slope and we as a whole need to compete for it. However, God has multitudinous slopes in His domain, and He can make endless new ones on the off chance that He so wishes. Thus, the main individual we truly need to contend with is ourselves. Our highest need ought to be to turn into the best individual we can be and make our excursion of life a triumph.

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