The Time is Almighty

In the event that predetermination is additionally not to fault, at that point what is? Time! Many accept time is almighty. They are of the view that the progression of time will carry us flawlessly naturally, thus we can essentially unwind and trust that that opportunity will come. They state: ‘People are not ground-breaking; time is transcendent. Take a gander at Arjun. He had similar weapons with which he battled the Mahabharat, but then, when the opportunity arrived, customary ancestral hoodlums took the gopis from his guardianship.

Is this understanding right? Will the opportunity arrive when we will improve our reasoning? Wrong once more! The opportunity won’t come when our psyche and considerations will naturally get unadulterated; rather, time is cruising by. No second that passes by will actually return. Before we know it, the time we need to live on this planet will have gotten past us like grains of sand. We should completely use the minutes available to us by applying all our ligaments. In this way, the sacred texts state: ‘The greatest suffering in the human body is the ailment of sluggishness.‘ We cover it in different robes.

There is a type of individuals who state, ‘I am preparing.’ after a year, you ask them, and they are as yet preparing. They don’t understand it, yet they are experiencing an ailment called ‘dawdling’.

There are the individuals who state they will do it sooner or later. You can be certain they will do it none of nowadays.

Another sort hangs tight for all the traffic signals to divert green before they start from home. They experience the ill effects of the sickness of ‘excusitis’.

But another gathering, on being asked to make a move, articulates, ‘I am breaking down.‘ The issue is that a half year later, they are as yet examining. They are harassed by the wonder of ‘loss of motion by examination’.

The mystery of progress lies in dismissing all such inefficient musings and utilizing the current second as well as could be expected. That is the best approach to manufacture a fruitful future.

Puruṣhārth is the self-exertion we put in the present, using the unrestrained choice that God has gave to us. Let us guzzle the soul of puruṣhārth from Mahakavi Kalidas, probably the best writer throughout the entire existence of Sanskrit writing:

In his adolescence, Kalidas was no wonder. Indeed, he was an incredible converse. A celebrated story portrays that once he was cutting the very branch that he was sitting upon! He didn’t understand that he would fall. In that position, he was spotted by some pandits of that realm.

The pandits had a score to settle with a princess. She was very wonderful and had advanced a condition for marriage—she would just wed the researcher who could crush her in śhāstrārth (scriptural discussion). Numerous researchers had been allured by her magnificence and had occupied with conversation with her, however she had vanquished every one of them. This made them sore, and they plotted to show her a thing or two by getting her wedded to the greatest dolt.

That was the time they spotted Kalidas. They requested that he move down the tree. They let him know, ‘We will tackle your concern of neediness everlastingly on the off chance that you do as we state.‘ With his assent, they dressed him up, tied a decorative turban around his head and took him to the castle.

O Princess, we have in our quality an incredible researcher from Kashi. He wishes to take part in banter with you however is by and by watching the pledge of quiet. In this manner, he will just discussion with signals.‘ The princess daringly concurred.

Both of them sat confronting one another. The princess lifted her correct hand, lifting one finger. Kalidas was at that point feeling compromised in the unpropitious condition. Seeing her raised finger, he reasoned that she was suggesting, ‘I will jab one of your eyes.‘ accordingly, he raised two fingers, specifying, ‘I will jab both your eyes.

The researchers asked the princess, ‘What was your inquiry?

She stated, ‘I asked whether the Supreme Divine Entity is one or many.

The pandits answered, ‘The incredible researcher raised two fingers to demonstrate that the Supreme is both nebulous and with structure, subsequently, He is two.

Next, the princess raised her five fingers. Kalidas thought she was threatening to slap him. Consequently, he raised his clench hand, communicating, ‘I will punch you.

The pandits again asked, ‘O Princess, what was your inquiry?

She stated, ‘I asked that the five faculties are alarming the spirit; what is the arrangement?

The pandits reacted, ‘The incredible researcher reacted by lifting his clench hand. He was showing that the psyche must be utilized to get control over the wild detects.’

Thusly, the discussion continued. Aided by his quiet, the pandits made Kalidas win. Since the princess had given her assertion, she wedded him.

At some point, after the wedding, both a couple were perched on the porch of their castle, when a camel (uṣṭra) passed by. Seeing it, Kalidas shouted, ‘Utra … utra … utra … ,’ incapable to state the correct Sanskrit word.

The princess was stunned and taken a gander at him with apprehension. ‘He is by all accounts uneducated. The pandits have beguiled me.’ She was disturbed to the point that she pushed Kalidas down the stairwell. He fell cartwheeling down and hit the ground with a crash.

There was a sanctuary of Mother Kali close by. He offered his petitions there and settled, ‘In the event that vidyā (learning) is so imperative to the princess, at that point a researcher is the thing that I will become.’ He emerged and went to Kashi, the city of researchers, where he procured gigantic information.

Numerous years after the fact, he restored, a learned researcher. He thumped on his better half’s entryway and said definitively: kapāṭaṁ dwāram dehi. ‘My dear spouse, it would be ideal if you open the entryway.’

His significant other heard him; she was intrigued by the order in his voice and the trust in his words. She reacted: asti kaśhchit vāgviśheṣhaḥ. ‘It appears you have become an ace of discourse and articulation.’

The incomparable Kalidas utilized the three words his better half expressed at that notable snapshot of get-together to begin three of his mahākāvyas (incredible works of verse) that rule in Sanskrit writing even today.

With asti-uttarasyāṁ diśi, he started his epic Kumārasaṁbhavam.

With kaścit kāntā, he began his masterpiece sonnet, Meghdūta.

His epic, Raghuvaṁśa, starts with vāgarthhāviva.

This is simply the force exertion. It changed a dullard into a ‘mahakavi’, an extraordinary writer. In the event that Kalidas had accused predetermination, the desire of God, or the progression of time for his past absence of instruction, he couldn’t have ever placed in the extreme effort that transformed him. Be that as it may, Kalidas didn’t succumb to habitual pettiness. He understood that his current condition was a result of past activities. In the event that he kept on playing out similar activities, his future would continue as before. Since he wanted his life to appear as something else, he got the current second and endeavored to roll out the improvement.

Similarly, we should not succumb to the allurement of refusing to accept responsibility for the issues at hand. We should not hold fate, God or time answerable for our activities. We should likewise forgo being fixated on issues, and rather, put forth a concentrated effort to finding the suitable arrangements.

In this manner, assuming liability for our circumstance in life is the second mentality for progress, joy and satisfaction. With it, we start to invest the exertion required for developing ourselves. How might we invigorate the exertion for self-improvement?

This carries us to the third attitude, which is ‘motivation’. The fuel gives intensity to our desires, eagerness for our activities and vitality to our life. In the following part, we will examine this fundamental fixing that will help us in enhancing our character.

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