How Can I Read 100 Books In A Year?

Does your perusing list continue developing? Did you purchase books that you’ve never perused? It may be an ideal opportunity to cross more books from your rundown this year than any time in recent memory.

In case you’re perusing short of what you need, you’re not alone. One year prior I took a gander at my Goodreads page and saw that I had perused just five books in 2014. That acknowledgement disappointed me.

I love books, yet since I graduated from the school in 2011, I’d been perusing fewer books every year. My work and life impeded perusing as much as I needed. Why perused 100 books in a year? You read since you need to gain from others’ understanding. Otto von Bismarck put it best:

“Numb-skulls gain as a matter of fact. I want to gain from the experience of others.”

If you need to go anyplace in this world, you have to instruct yourself and to teach yourself you have to peruse—a great deal. Here’s the way to do it.

1. Purchase In Bulk

It costs cash to purchase books, and it costs you an opportunity to understand them — I’m expecting you have both in case you’re understanding this. Everybody can set aside a few minutes. Furthermore, if you don’t have cash, figure out how to make or set aside cash.

“At the point when I have a minimal expenditure, I purchase books; and on the off chance that I have any left, I purchase food and garments.”

Be guaranteed, the cash and time you spend on books are justified, despite all the trouble. I can’t think about a superior venture. Books are just a misuse of cash if you don’t understand them.

If you need to understand more, you need to purchase more books. A few people don’t get it. They burn through $200 on new shoes, however, they think that its absurd to purchase 20 books from Amazon.

The thought is straightforward: If you have more books in your home, you’ll have more options, and this will assist you with understanding more. Here’s the reason: Most of the books you read are not arranged ahead of time. You don’t plunk down in January and state: “The principal seven day stretch of June I’ll peruse this book.”

You finish a book, look you at your stock, and choose what to peruse straightaway. Don’t overthink which book you should peruse straightaway—you’ll wind up perusing audits for quite a long time, which is an exercise in futility.

For instance, a great many people who need to begin with Stoicism ask me: “Which one should I read first—Seneca, Marcus Aurelius or Epictetus?” Buy them all. Peruse them all.

Having a stock of books keeps up the energy. You additionally never have a reason not to peruse.

2. Always Be Reading

I live by an alternate proverb: Always Be Reading. I read at least 1 hour out of each day on non-weekend days and significantly more during the end of the week and occasions.

Figure out how to peruse around your timetable and your life circumstance. Try not to rationalize like you’re drained or excessively occupied. Continuously Be Reading implies that you:

  • Peruse on the train
  • Peruse while you’re breastfeeding your child
  • Peruse while you’re eating
  • Peruse at the specialist’s office
  • Peruse at work
  • Also, above all — read while every other person is burning through their time viewing the news or checking Facebook for the 113th time that day.

If you do that, you’ll read more than 100 books in a year. Here’s the ticket. The vast majority read 50 pages 60 minutes. On the off chance that you read 10 hours every week, you’ll read 26,000 pages per year. Suppose the normal book you read is 250 pages: In this situation, you’ll read 104 books in a year.

With that pace—regardless of whether you take a fourteen-day break—you’ll read in any event 100 books in a year. That is a decent profit for your time venture. What’s the ROI of perusing the news? I don’t know precisely, yet it must be negative.

3. Peruse Relevant Books Only

Have you ever perused a book that is as far as anyone knows astounding and you don’t get it? I wouldn’t go the extent that truism that any book sucks since individuals invest a great deal of energy composing and altering a book.

In any case, not all books are for everybody. A book may be a smash hit, yet perhaps you can’t stand the composition. Or on the other hand, possibly it’s not the correct opportunity to peruse a book. Regardless: If you can’t flip through the pages, taken care of the book and get something you are so amped up for that you destroy the pages.

Peruse books that are near what’s happening in your life. There’s a book for all that you can think off. Individuals are composing books for a long time, and there have been a lot of individuals from your perspective: battling teenager, yearning craftsman, broke business person, new parent, and so on. Try not to burn through your time finding out about subjects you have zero enthusiasm for.

Rather, select the books that are identified with your calling or diversion. Peruse books about individuals that you appreciate. Try not to peruse a book since it’s a smash hit or a work of art if it has no importance to you.

4. Peruse Multiple Books Simultaneously

There are no standards to perusing so you can do anything you desire. On occasion, I’m perusing 5 books without a moment’s delay. I may peruse 50 pages of one book toward the beginning of the day and afterwards read another book in the early evening.

That is how I incline toward it. Others like to peruse a book spread to cover and at exactly that point read something new.

In case you’re perusing something convoluted, you should peruse something simpler for the nighttimes. I like to peruse memoirs before I rest since they resemble stories. Fiction likewise functions admirably at night.

I would prefer not to peruse a book about putting resources into bed with a highlighter and a pen. If I do that, I will be alert until 3 AM because my brain is humming with the new things I’m learning.

5. Hold The Knowledge

Information is just acceptable if you use it. To hold information, you need a framework that causes you to do that. This is how I do it:

  • At the point when you read a book, utilize a pen to make notes in the edges and feature significant content. In case you’re perusing carefully, know about over-featuring. Because it’s so natural you shouldn’t feature all that you find somewhat intriguing. Save the featuring for ‘aha’ things as it were.
  • If you read something, you need to recall, overlay the top or base corner of the page. For advanced perusers: snap a photo and store it in a notetaking application you like.
  • At the point when you finish the book, return to the pages with the folds and skim your notes.
  • Record (utilize your notetaking programming or physical note pad) in your own words what the book is about and what counsel the writer is giving.
  • Duplicate the statements that stand apart the most to you.
  • The fact isn’t to duplicate the book however to assist you with handling the data so you can utilize it later.

Peruse as much as possible — however, always remember to apply what you’ve discovered because that is the thing that checks the most. You put in numerous hours to understand books, ensure you receive something in return.

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